Have You Felt That Your Calling in Life is to Help Others? Do You Wish to Influence Others in a Transformative Way?

If You Want to Take Your Leadership, Personal Development, and Life Coach Skills to the Next Level, become a Questions Experienced Certified Practitioner!

If You Want to Take Your Leadership, Personal Development, and Life Coach Skills to the Next Level, become a Questions Experienced Certified Practitioner!

With our advanced, custom-created program, you will have the ability to learn the power of The Questions Experience, and how specific questions can fundamentally change other’s lives. This is not an on-going program where you receive a life coach accreditation over a long time. This is a program that gives you the keys to deliver instantaneous changes to other’s lives. You’ll be able to:

  • Get paid for 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Change someone’s life in 1 hour
  • Educate others on powerful language practices
  • Build a private, life coach practice
  • Increase your reach through new relationships

With this experience, you’ll walk away with life-long relationships and connections that will support you through your own journey.

Whether you’re opening your own private practice, or continuing your own personal development path,The Questions Experience Practitioner Certification sets you up for a lifetime of success.

Who Should Become a Questions Experience Certified Practitioner?

The Questions Experience Practitioner Certification is a program for already established leaders, such as:

  • Public speakers
  • Corporate leaders
  • Non-profit leaders
  • CEO’s
  • Spiritual leaders
  • Political leaders
  • And more.

If you have a gift for speaking, the drive to help others, and the desire to take your personal development skills to the next level,The Questions Experience Practitioner Certification is for you! Combining your current experience and skills with the secret power of The Questions Experience, your life trajectory will be propelled towards helping others in unfathomable ways!

Make a Life-Long Impact with Only 8 Questions

The Questions Experience has hidden power that cannot be described until one has experienced it for themselves. The Questions Experience challenges participants to answer 8 profound questions. As participants begin to answer these questions, mental breakthroughs and life-changing thoughts accompany the weighty answers. To date, thousands of individuals who have been able to answer these questions have walked out rejuvenated, inspired, and thirsty for life.  However, these questions are not easy! Participants in the experience get exponentially better results when someone with a life coach certification is present with them. That’s why we’re offering a certification program that teaches YOU to help others change their lives through The Questions Experience.

Once you’ve finished your Questions Experience Practitioner Certification, you’ll get all the tools, support, and material to help you expand your reach. Plus, you’ll have new relationships and connections to help you set up your private life coach practice.

What Kind of Training Do You Get from The Questions Experience Practitioner Certification?

Through weekend workshops, candidates are educated and trained to provide eye-opening experiences using The Questions Experience and companion book, The Dirty Words. Throughout the program, you’ll experience the transformative nature of The Questions on a deep, personal level yourself. The training will:
● Teach you breakthrough coaching techniques
● Open your eyes to the power of The Questions
● Teach you the hidden words that tear us humans down.
● Teach you how to effectively deliver The Questions Experience
● Help you walk people through the questions and provide them with maximum benefit from answering the questions
In the end, you’ll have the knowledge and experience about the questions that allow you to deliver a once in a lifetime experience for others—an experience that they could not have on their own.
Once you’ve completed your certification, you can deliver The Questions Experience in a one-day workshop to others. You’ll also have the tools to teach The Dirty Words workshop through half-day programs

If You Can Change the Way Someone Speaks, You Can Change the Way They Think

Everyone knows the common words that can be damaging to oneself. We’ve learned not to say things such as “I can’t do it”, or “I’m not smart enough”. However, there is another whole set of words that most people do not know about. These words can:

  • Damage your self-perception
  • Undermine you
  • Take away your power

Many dirty words are self-sabotaging in their nature— they can ruin your relationships, and worse, make you feel bad about yourself.

As you go through your practitioner certification training, you’ll learn these words and how the way we speak influences our actions, thoughts, and more! This truly thoughtful book digs into the core of human speech and language. It demands awareness and reflection, and it rewards you with the ability to change your life and those around you! 

Where Does The Questions Experience Come from?

As I’ve already stated, I’ve seen, experienced, and helped others transform their lives through breakthrough coaching of The Questions Experience. This experience is a one-time phenomenon that is guaranteed to result in a personal breakthrough. Participants experience personal growth, self-actualization, spiritual awakenings, and much more!

As a Questions Experience Certified Practitioner, you’ll have the tools to deliver this positive, life-altering experience to all you can reach. You’ll have access to public relations programs, digital media, paid advertising, marketing programs, and social media to bring you new leads, clients, and more traffic to your business or personal brand.

If you think you have the tools, skills, and drive to change other’s lives, become a Questions Experience Certified Practitioner with this weekend training.