“Dirty Words” in Politics and All Media, Not Just “Fake News”

(September 10, 2020, Scottsdale, AZ) Politics have never been more polarized in North America. As business, community, and political leaders look to “up their game” to address the “new normal”, a new book challenges them up “clean up their language”. And the media in all its forms is also a big contributor to this newly identified form of “foul language”. Author and former national political advisor Randy Lennon has released his new book “The Dirty Words” and it’s not about THOSE dirty words that an editor or proof reader would pick up on.

“These are simple, commonly used words that create ambiguity, undermine, and generally disempower us and most people have no awareness whatsoever of their damaging effects,” explains author and former journalist, television and radio personality, police officer, and business leader, Randy Lennon. “These are the OTHER dirty words and learning about their impact and inappropriate use can literally change lives.”

Effective Journalism and Storytelling Sabotaged by Sloppy Language

Savvy journalists, editors, managers, and social media bloggers looking for an edge are working to eliminate these words from their vocabulary to better tell their stories and get messages across with more impact.

“I read articles or watch interviews laced with this language and I cringe,” explained Lennon, former publisher of a chain of weekly newspapers and a former special advisor to the Honorable Preston Manning, past Leader of the Official Opposition in Canada. “This book demonstrates how we can sabotage ourselves with language like that and journalists are getting the message.”

“As professional wordsmiths who pride themselves on effective story-telling, it’s amazing how pervasive this kind of sloppy language is in today’s media world,” added Lennon.

COVID-19, An Opportunity to Stop, Reflect, and Finish a Book

Amid the chaos of COVID-19 there have been many new stresses added to daily life and also many positives. For Randy Lennon the pandemic offered an opportunity to stop and reflect and get around to publishing the book he authored in 2017. The Dirty Words was inspired by a workshop that has been conducted since the late 90’s on its own or as a “warm-up” to a transformational personal development program “The Questions Experience”.

“Hundreds of people from all over the world and all walks of life have benefited from The Questions and yet based on personal feedback over the years a lot of the lasting impact has been from the light-hearted intro or warm-up where we take a look at words that disempower us and the power of the spoken word generally,” added Lennon. “So I wrote the book in 2017. When the pandemic hit I was stuck at home like everyone else and I realized cooped up families could particularly benefit from this simple, yet profound examination of commonly used and yet so damaging dirty words.”

The Dirty Words is a handbook for making minor changes in our everyday language that can have tremendous positive and surprising impacts. By positioning seemingly innocuous words like “try, but, should, can’t, have to, hope and wish” alongside the “7 words you can’t say on television”, the simple yet profound book empowers the reader to change their language to change their life.

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