(October 15, 2020, Scottsdale, AZ) As the devastating effects of the world-wide mental health crisis, the “other pandemic”, have been exacerbated by COVID-19 and the anxiety of protesters in the streets demanding change, a new book reveals a new set of “Dirty Words” that sabotage healthy communication and exacerbate the stresses of the new normal.
“These are simple, commonly used words that create ambiguity, undermine, and generally disempower us and most have no awareness whatsoever of their damaging effects,” explains author and former police officer, journalist, television and radio personality, and business leader, Randy Lennon (see bio below). “These are the OTHER dirty words and learning about their impact and inappropriate use can literally change lives.”

As a former police officer in a quiet, rural area in the 1980’s, then Constable Lennon instituted one of the first community policing initiatives in the public schools in Canada. The “Cop-in” program assigned regular duty officers to spend quality time connecting with students in elementary schools.

“I could have never imagined the extent of polarization between the police and the public that is playing out in horrifying fashion on the streets of America today,” says Lennon. “And at the same time the various chasms in society between left and right, young and old, privileged and disadvantaged, and of course black and white, are so much wider in 2020 than 40 years ago when I was pioneering “community policing” in rural Alberta, Canada.

“In the end, as with everything in life, it all boils down to communication,” says Lennon. “It’s easy to criticize the police and of course there are the tragic, highly publicized incidents where police officers are the criminals. The killing of George Floyd is indefensible. The larger issue of systemic racism within law enforcement is not so black and white (pun intended). What is called ‘systemic’ bias on race and many other prejudices exists within the police and all aspects of North American society. And careful attention to our language and choice of words can lead to effective dialogue and open communication which is the only path forward.”

The Dirty Words book is an opening to growth that helps readers in an easy, sometimes lighthearted way to become much more aware of the power of the spoken word and how they unconsciously are sloppy with their language.

“It’s certainly not the answer, and my view is every cop in North America would benefit from reading it,” said Lennon.

Amid the chaos of COVID-19 there have been many new stresses added to daily life and also many positives. For Randy Lennon the pandemic offered an opportunity to stop and reflect and get around to publishing the book he authored in 2017. The Dirty Words was inspired by a workshop that has been conducted since the late 90’s on its own or as a “warm-up” to a transformational personal development program “The Questions Experience”.

“Hundreds of people from all over the world and all walks of life have benefited from The Questions and yet based on personal feedback over the years a lot of the lasting impact has been from the light-hearted intro or warm-up where we take a look at words that disempower us and the power of the spoken word generally,” added Lennon. “So I wrote the book in 2017. When the pandemic hit I was stuck at home like everyone else and I realized cooped up families could particularly benefit from this simple, yet profound examination of commonly used and yet so damaging dirty words.”

The Dirty Words is a handbook for making minor changes in our everyday language that can have tremendous positive and surprising impacts. By positioning seemingly innocuous words like “try, but, should, can’t, have to, hope and wish” alongside the “7 words you can’t say on television”, the simple yet profound book empowers the reader to change their language to change their life.

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“Do you have an hour to change your life? That is all it takes to read Randy Lennon’s thought-provoking book, The Dirty Words. Simply changing the words you use can powerfully change the direction of your life! Just like a small metal coupling, not much larger than a person’s hand, can alter the course of a large train to a destination a thousand miles away in the matter of a day, so can a reader of this book alter their course by shifting small words. They can help you reach the destinations you want to go far from where you are. Who “can’t” afford an hour for that?”

– Adrian Bohach
CEO of Enterprise4Good

“The Dirty Words is absolutely wonderful. I can easily see it becoming a welcome reference piece for people in their quest to become better people (a thankfully growing community)! I found it truly enthralling from beginning to end. Smart, funny, endearing. The format, the pace, the tone, and the lack of fluff all combine to make it a very attractive overall presentation. The matter-of-fact approach to persuasion is a very cunning method and I love it. It gets right to the point and is indisputable.”

– Matthew Jensen
Founder & CEO of Maxogram Media Inc.

“Randy Lennon helps us explore the simple powerful truths about the impact of our words. There are not enough books on this subject, and it would be wonderful if this book were part of a curriculum which was taught in schools, to teachers, to children and to parents alike. Once we know better, it becomes easier to make a positive impact with word choices. Leaders in all fields of business, politics and social movements are also taking notice as it is becoming increasingly important to choose your words wisely. You will enjoy a gamut of surprises as you read and realize that there is so much more to consider on the subject of word choice and psychology.”

– Valerie Maltese
Loveographer (Co-writer of personal love stories.) Certified Life Cycle Celebrant, ACTRA Performer, TESOL certified, Minister with CIMM

“I was going to let Randy know that I probably can’t read his book right now because I don’t have time. But that I would, at the very least, try. I was going to wish him well and hope the venture far exceeds his expectations. Then I decided, I love Randy, he has been there for me – so I will take the time to read The Dirty Words. Because I can and not because I should. I quit ‘shoulding’ on myself years ago. I am glad that I can and I will because The Dirty Words is a compelling reminder that, in a 140-character world where communication by text seems to trump all, words matter more now than ever!

The Dirty Words is a textbook for the 140-character universe. I would make it mandatory reading for anyone who ever intends to hit send again.”

– Ritch Winter
NHL Hockey Agent and founder of the Business of Hockey Institute

“I have known Randy Lennon for many years and worked with him on many projects! The Dirty Words is a Randy I didn’t know!
I find this to be a very interesting read reflecting Randy’s years of practical experience dealing with real people. It is both very thoughtful and thought provoking. It is inspirational, insightful, helpful, very useful, educational, valuable and discussable. It is also very topical in these very interesting, different and challenging times.”

– John P.C. Elson,
P.ENG, former Chairman of Athabasca University

“I would like to recommend Randy Lennon’s The Dirty Words to a wide audience for its fundamental wisdom from thought leaders going back centuries. Randy draws from life to anchor his positions in reality and to inspire with integrity. I can picture the conversations that this will stimulate at the family tables. Thank you, Randy!”

– Lauren Nickel
ICD.D, Board Director and Advisor to several companies.

“Reading Ready Lennon’s book, The Dirty Words, will save you 10 years of personal development training. (And thousands of dollars). His style is fun and upbeat to read and carries a powerful message. Simply exchange the 7 “dirty words” (disempowering words) for words that bring truth and impact. II happened to read ‘The Dirty Words’ when I was feeling in a depressive down cycle that I was having difficulty shaking. I decided to apply the
program and was surprised how quickly my mood changed and my positive energy returned.

It’s simply the fastest easy-to-apply, change-your-life- for-the-better manual out there.”

– Kirei Yasunori Owner, Evolved Health

“Language is important, it carries weight and can have a major influence, on ourselves and on others. Randy Lennon’s book is full of great examples of how the words we choose can and often do impact our attitudes, the feelings we create and what is possible. Speaking with intention, clarity and control is within all of us. Randy’s book is entertaining, thought provoking and memorable. He provides every one of his readers with powerful reasons to eliminate the ‘dirty words’ from our vocabulary and replace them with words that serve us and others well.”

– Noelle Leemburg
Founder bSavvy, Inc and Co-Founder of The Resilient Mind

About the Author

Randy Lennon is an innovator and entrepreneur with decades of experience, having founded and built successful enterprises in the fields of newspaper publishing, television and radio, recording artist management, retail, advertising and marketing, and the Internet. Randy has also worked as a police officer, as a regional and national television and radio talk show host, as an actor in a situation comedy pilot co-starring with the late Fred Willard, and a special advisor to the leader of a major national political party in Ottawa. His recording artists have won US Gold and Platinum albums as well as the Juno Award in Canada.

Founder of the Spruce Grove Examiner newspaper at age 19, Randy built and grew the company to a chain of four weekly newspapers. Over 40 years later, The Examiner continues to serve the Edmonton, Canada community as a trusted newspaper brand. As Chairman of the Privatization Committee of the board of directors of Access Television Network, Randy oversaw the first successful privatization of a public television broadcaster in North America.
As a television and radio personality, speaker and trainer in areas of personal growth and self development, and as a business mentor and angel investor, Randy has a passion for empowering others. As the founder of The Questions Experience, he has helped more than 1,000 people, through one-on-one coaching and workshops, determine what stops them, and how to shift toward pursuing their true calling in life. The Dirty Words training is part of The Questions Experience workshop.