On this premiere episode of The Questions Experience Podcast, host Randy Lennon sits down with speaker, trainer, and corporate leader, Ven Virah. Deciding to share his horror story around erectile dysfunction as a teenager and then young adult is expected to shine a light on one of western society’s last taboos. Ven, who comes out as “That ED Guy” in this interview was originally billed as the “Brown Tony Robbins”. So many young men reached out to him after his TED Talk last year, and after much reflection during the pandemic, Ven decided to make raising awareness about erectile dysfunction and its devastating effects on men and women of all ages his life’s work.

“My final breakthrough and decision to make this my life’s mission came through reading the book ‘The Dirty Words’ and participating in a Questions Experience coaching session,” explained Ven who is now training as a Questions Experience Certified Practitioner.