Childhood sexual abuse, a seriously dysfunctional family where she played the parent role, the grief and guilt of the sudden death in a fire of her mother after she finally got sober, healing herself from cancer, and working closely for years with some of the most famous international leaders in personal development are just some of the discussion points in this compelling interview.

On this second episode of The Questions Experience Podcast, host Randy Lennon sits down with coach, healer, speaker, trainer, and inspirational leader, Tara Pilling. Now elevated to one of Bob Proctor’s closest inner circle, Tara has studied extensively with Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, and many others and has personally impacted the lives of people on her travels around the world. Born in poverty in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, Tara now makes her home with her husband (who she’s known since she was 16) and her wonderful children in one of the most beautiful places in Canada, Kelowna British Columbia.

Connect with Tara as she shares her emotional and compelling story of faith, hope, determination, and transformation right here on The Questions Experience Podcast.