Podcast Episode 2 – Tara Pilling

Childhood sexual abuse, a seriously dysfunctional family where she played the parent role, the grief and guilt of the sudden death in a fire of her mother after she finally got sober, healing herself from cancer, and working closely for years with some of the most famous international leaders in personal development are just some of the discussion points in this compelling interview.

On this second episode of The Questions Experience Podcast, host Randy Lennon sits down with coach, healer, speaker, trainer, and inspirational leader, Tara Pilling. Now elevated to one of Bob Proctor’s closest inner circle, Tara has studied extensively with Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, and many others and has personally impacted the lives of people on her travels around the world. Born in poverty in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, Tara now makes her home with her husband (who she’s known since she was 16) and her wonderful children in one of the most beautiful places in Canada, Kelowna British Columbia.

Connect with Tara as she shares her emotional and compelling story of faith, hope, determination, and transformation right here on The Questions Experience Podcast.


Lies About Santa, Parenting and …. The Dirty Words

Lies About Santa, Parenting and …. The Dirty Words

We have come a bit further in recent generations about the lies we tell our children. Fairy stories in our school history books never revealed the horrid truths. They lied to us. It took me until college during my own research to even learn that the First Nations of...

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The right questions are the secret to true growth

The right questions are the secret to true growth

Watch the Video! “The right questions are the secret to true growth” is for you if you don’t truly know what lights you up, you are not clear on what stops you or you are seeking to be a better coach or more open to being coached. In “The right questions are the...

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COVID Weddings and the Words You Speak

COVID Weddings and the Words You Speak

It’s ok, in spite of the COVID confusion surrounding your wedding plans; in spite of venue changes and shredded guest lists, your wedding date arrives at last. Although the date was changed three times and most of the guests are watching it live-streamed, it has...

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COVID Has Ruined My Life

COVID Has Ruined My Life

COVID has ruined my life! Really?  Is that what you really feel deep down inside?  I understand … AND (not but) let me share a perspective. There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted more people all over the globe at one time than any other event in...

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The Dirty Words (book)- Leslie Davies

I have done many personal growth programs over the years, so was not too excited when I was invited to read The Dirty Words and do The Questions Experience. I was surprised and delighted to find that even after all my dedication to personal growth, Randy Lennon’s book and program helped reveal incredibly revealing and powerful insights. I am confident that you’re going to love it!

To purchase The Dirty Words, go to: https://www.amazon.com/Dirty-Words-Change-Your-Language-ebook/dp/B08CS16DM1/

To learn more about The Questions Experience, go to: https://thequestionsexperience.com/

The Dirty Words (Book) – Gary Sommers

“Randy Lennon’s book hits upon a striking way to examine one’s life and word choices to make an immediate impact on yourself and your interactions with friends, associates, lovers, spouses and family. The book is a quick read that is filled with important points to improve your communication skills and happiness as you navigate through this complicated thing we call life.”

– Gary Sommers – Entrepreneur, Husband and Father

To purchase The Dirty Words, go to: https://www.amazon.com/Dirty-Words-Change-Your-Language-ebook/dp/B08CS16DM1/

To learn more about The Questions Experience, go to: https://thequestionsexperience.com/

The Dirty Words (Book) – Kirei Yasunori

“Reading Ready Lennon’s book, The Dirty Words, will save you 10 years of personal development training. (And thousands of dollars). His style is fun and upbeat to read and carries a powerful message. Simply exchange the 7 “dirty words” (disempowering words) for words that bring truth and impact. I happened to read ‘The Dirty Words’ when I was feeling in a depressive down cycle that I was having difficulty shaking. I decided to apply the program and was surprised how quickly my mood changed and my positive energy returned.

It’s simply the fastest easy-to-apply, change-your-life- for-the-better manual out there.”

– Kirei Yasunori
Owner, Evolved Health

The Dirty Words (Book) – Valerie Maltese

“Randy Lennon helps us explore the simple powerful truths about the impact of our words. There are not enough books on this subject, and it would be wonderful if this book were part of a curriculum which was taught in schools, to teachers, to children and to parents alike. Once we know better, it becomes easier to make a positive impact with word choices. Leaders in all fields of business, politics and social movements are also taking notice as it is becoming increasingly important to choose your words wisely. You will enjoy a gamut of surprises as you read and realize that there is so much more to consider on the subject of word choice and psychology.”

– Valerie Maltese
Loveographer (Co-writer of personal love stories.) Certified Life Cycle Celebrant, ACTRA Performer, TESOL certified, Minister with CIMM

The Dirty Words (Book) – Ritch Winter

“The Dirty Words is a textbook for the 140-character universe. I would make it mandatory reading for anyone who ever intends to hit send again.”

~ Ritch Winter
NHL Hockey Agent, Founder of the Business of Hockey Institute

The Dirty Words (Book) – Matthew Jensen

“The Dirty Words is absolutely wonderful. I can easily see it becoming a welcome reference piece for people in their quest to become better people (a thankfully growing community!). I found it truly enthralling from beginning to end. Smart, funny, endearing. The format, the pace, the tone, and the lack of fluff all combine to make it a very attractive overall presentation. The matter-of-fact approach to persuasion is a very cunning method and I love it. It gets right to the point and is indisputable.”

~ Matthew Jensen
Founder & CEO of Maxogram Media Inc.


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