The Process

Go all in with your team by booking a one day Questions Experience Workshop. Change your language and change your life through the power of The Dirty Words Experiential Workshop, which is the intense yet fun and entertaining introduction to The Questions Experience.

Contact The Questions Experience here to learn more about booking a 1-day workshop for your company or organization. Or, pass this info on to your Manager, CEO, HR Director, or whomever is responsible for training, development, or team building within your company or organization.


Then answer The Questions. Each participant sits quietly on their own with pen and paper in hand and ….in their own words……answers the eight questions.
Then you are ready to take an amazing journey of self-discovery guided by an expert facilitator. Learn what lights you up, what stops you, and how to break through the barriers we create for ourselves in an empowering group setting. Learn from others’ experiences and if you choose, volunteer yourself to take your place in the one-on-one coaching seat where intense, life altering awakenings and breakthroughs are the norm!


As thousands all over the world have discovered, just the simple exercise of reading and answering The Questions creates awareness, awakenings and even breakthroughs in the simple process of writing their answers.


The final step is a circle sharing style experiential setting where you and the other participants gather with answers in hand. Volunteers step forward to sit in the empty chair next to the facilitator to be coached through their answers by the Certified Questions Experience Practitioner, and their fellow participants. The results are always striking, powerful, emotional, positive, thought provoking, life shifting, and often life changing. Whether you step up to sit in the chair, or simply listen, learn, and share in the experience of those who do, The Questions Experience will change your world.


  • Consult with The Questions Experience representative to determine a date and location for your workshop.

  • Workshops are held anywhere in the world and can be at your own facility or an off-site location.

  • The fee includes The Questions Experience Workshop Package, Certified Questions Experience Facilitator and a Certified Assistant for the day, The Dirty Words Book for each participant, (travel and accommodations are extra).

  • The workshop is suitable for 7-25 participants. More participants can be accommodated through multiple days or by breaking down the second part of the workshops into separate groups. Ask your representative.

  • Optional The Questions Experience For Companies involves each participant answering The Questions for Companies. Each participant re-visits The Questions. This time instead of answering personally, they answer The Questions as they relate to the company or organization. These can simply be anonymously submitted to management OR forward thinking managers can opt to participate in a second circle sharing environment to review and explore the employee answers with the group.

Interested in learning more about what The Questions Experience™ is and how you can incorporate it into your workplace or teams?

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